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5th Avenue

public area
shopping center


CLIENT TD «Na Khodynke»

ADDRESS 32, ul. Marshala Biryuzova



About Project

The building is located in the Northwest administrative district of Moscow, on one of the most important transportation lines in the Schukino Neighborhood — Marshall Biriuzov street. There are two metro stations nearby: «Oktiabrskoe Pole» (5-8 minutes walk) and «Schukinskaya» (10-15 minutes walk).

The building houses:
The First Floor—entrance vestibules, security rooms, storefronts (a supermarket and boutiques), staff accommodation and service rooms, restrooms for visitors, a transformer substation, loading, storage, technical and auxiliary rooms;
The Second Floor— at the supermarket mezzanine—administrative and office spaces, staff rooms, a billiard club, technical and auxiliary rooms;

The Third Floor — boutiques, a coffee bar, restrooms for visitors;
The Fourth Floor — a movie-house with 5 viewing rooms, a foyer with a bar, fast food restaurants, two small restaurants, an internet-cafe, a slot machine hall, a playground for children, restrooms for visitors, administrative and service rooms; The two underground floors — a parking lot and technical rooms.

All the floors are united by an atrium in the central part of the building. To give visitors access to floors above ground, the atrium is to offer 4 escalators, two panoramic elevators and two open staircases. Four elevators (1000 kg each) and an open staircase will help visitors to move up to the first floor from the underground parking lot. Stairs with natural light are to be used for evacuation purposes, four out of six evacuation and service stairs are designed to hold two stairs within one stairwell.

The 5th Avenue Retail Center is a nominee of Commercial Real Estate Awards 2006 in the category «Large-Scale Shopping Center».

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