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Omega Boutique in St. Petersburg

street retail
Omega Boutique in St. Petersburg


ADDRESS St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 152

DESIGN 2018-2019


About Project

Omega is a luxury Swiss watch brand, part of the Swatch group.

This is the third Omega boutique designed by ABD architects, the first is located on the Kuznetskiy most street, and the second in the center of Moscow, in GUM. Also, architects of ABD architects have already implemented several projects for the Swatch group: the company's office in Moscow, the Tissot boutique and the Breguet boutique.

The boutique in St. Petersburg is full of bright colors and unusual textures; the velvet carpet of a noble red and raspberry color attracts attention. Upholstered furniture and vertical wall elements in dark blue contrast with it. Bright colors are combined with the help of corporate colors of the company: beech and cream-milk colors.

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