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Clinic +31

public area
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ADDRESS Lobachevskogo st., 42/4



About Project

Since the most actively person reacts to color, the coloring in solving  the interior of the K + 31 clinic is perhaps the most important role. It's no secret that the medical institution is associated primarily with white, and the interior of Clinic 31 was no exception: this color predominates in the design of its interiors. To make it look clearer and purer, the architects introduced a black one (separate zones are shown on the floor), and light gray was added to soften the contrast. Orange in the clinic accented public areas, which allows patients to better navigate in space.

In the offices everything is much calmer, there is added to the monochrome gamma as an accent blue. By the way, as in the corridors, the space of the offices is clearly zoned - with the help of a floor covering of different shades, the area of the working table, the entrance zone and the viewing zone are highlighted.

Particular attention of architects was focused on the layout and design of the chambers, among which the "luxury" chambers, decorated with natural wood, stand out.

The lobby of the first floor with the main registry architects tried to solve as traditionally as possible. It is finished with a combination of travertine and wood panels, which are perfectly matched to each other in color and delimited by a metal bar. The direction of movement of visitors in the hall is set with the help of light. From the entrance to the reception, the illumination increases, then there is a light break, and then, in the area of the column itself and in front of it, the lighting again becomes more active.

Along with the polyclinic and the hospital, the "Clinic 31" also includes a hydropathic institution, located in the basement. To ensure that even in the darkest day in the spa there was a sun, in the wells of the lanterns, the authors built in artificial lighting, imitating the sun's rays. Another decoration of the spa is a winter garden.

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