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ADDRESS Bolshoy Kozichinsky lane, 22/2



About Project

Moscow, Central Administrative District, Bolshoy Kozikhinskiy lane, 22, p. 2

The site is located in the red lines between the Trekhgorny, Maly and Bolshoy Kozikhinsky alleys and an unnamed passage between houses 11/13 page 1 and page 2 along Bolshoy Kozikhinsky Lane. The area of the land plot in accordance with the project of surveying the territory of the block №231-231А Presnensky district, limited: Ermolaevsky lane, Trekhprudny lane, Maly Kozikhinsky lane, Bolshoy Kozikhinskiy lane № is 0.106 ha.

The main types of permitted use in accordance with GPRS are the areas of mixed placement of public and business facilities of various types.

The site is characterized by a calm relief with a gradual decrease to the east side; Absolute marks in the range from 153.63 to 153.32 m. Geological and hydrogeological conditions - according to the conclusion about the engineering and geological conditions of the site.

In accordance with the technical report "Survey of load-bearing and enclosing structures of a building with dimensions in the plan 33х10 m, located at: Moscow,

B. Kozikhinsky per., 22, p. 2 with an assessment of their technical condition ", carried out CNIISK them. VA Kucherenko, the condition of the existing building is assessed as unsatisfactory, requiring work on reinforcing foundations and walls by injecting cracks.

Within the boundaries of the site, the maximum height of the buildings is set - according to the existing position.

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