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ADDRESS Kievskoye h-way, 1, BC "Comcity"



About Project

The company constantly guided by the principles of good corporate governance. The composition of the Board of Directors and the actions taken by them; approach to public disclosure of information; the existence of standards of behavior and doing things for the employees - all this speaks of the company's commitment to the best corporate governance principles.

In the office interior are used the company's corporate colors: gray, white, red. Job areas are zoned by informal communication zones and areas of open negotiation.
Meeting rooms are equipped with special acoustic panels with the application of the company's branding elements. The central office areas have become big patio, where employees communicate and exchange information. There used a cozy, almost home furniture in informal office areas.
John Cook,
Senior Director, EMEA Real Estate & Facilities, Oracle Corporation
Oracle Corporation (UK) Ltd would like to compliment ABD architects for their excellent assistance in developing & executing the Design & Build fit-out of our new offices in Moscow. Working in partnership with HOK, London they have been instrumental in designing a modern & efficient workplace for our Customers and Employees alike. They interpreted & embraced the Oracle EMEA Design standards fully, which protected our brand & has provided a great meeting area for our customers. The employee areas have been designed with a variety of modern work environments to facilitate social, collaborative & private works.

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The plot area of about 500 hectares proposed for the EXPO is located in the western part of the city on the picturesque shore of the Upper Iset pond, 3 km from the center of Ekaterinburg and close to the border that separates the European and Asian parts of Russia.
Estee Lauder
The office interior of the famous cosmetic company Estee Lauder leaves a feeling of lightness, agility and transparency, which is achieved through clear zoning, extensive use of glass and light-colored finishes.