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Management Company

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Management Company


CLIENT Management Company

ADDRESS 40, kor. 4, ul. B. Ordynka



About Project

This office of a management company occupies one quarter of a floor in a Moscow business-center. The architects paid a special attention to the entrance area. The reception is a separate space, lined with panels of Jatoba veneer. The polished black reception counter is enclosed in a rectangular shape which is lined with mahogany. The walls are covered with glass mirror panels, also black. The personal offices of the director and his deputy have a different atmosphere: the furniture and wall panels of warm Canadian nut wood create a feeling of coziness. The personnel office of the company's head has an area of 80 sq. m. It includes three zones – for work, meetings and recreation. For the work area and meeting rooms an austere, laconic look was chosen – workplaces are fitted with furniture by Bene (Austria). The upholstered furniture is by VS-Moebel (Germany).

Aleksander Zhidkov, senior architect on the project, ABD Architects:

«During discussion of the project the client expressed certain desires. The office had to be divided into three parts: public and work areas and executive offices with attached receptions and recreation rooms. Particular attention had to be paid to the personal offices, which occupy the greater part of the total area. From the point of view of design, the owners wanted the public area (entrance spaces, reception and meeting rooms) to look austere and focused on the company image, with the personal offices were to be warmer and softer. So, we tried to make the interior functional and convenient, but smart and individual.»

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