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17 october 2012


Architects of ABD architects not only design buildings and interiors that meet all the standards of ecological construction. We also try to follow the by-products of our work, and every six months we take out the waste paper.

Organizing the process of collecting waste paper in the office is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In our office there are 2 collection points for waste paper: old boxes, extra printed copies, a huge number of old papers, etc. After 5-6 months, we contact the company MosvtorResursy and get rid of it.

We call on everyone to take care of the paper "garbage" as it still can be recycled!

Other materials

6 april 2023 Denis Kuvshinnikov attended the IV All-Russian Forum "The Best Product Solutions and Trends in Commercial Real Estate"
On March 20–21, representatives of the largest Russian companies spoke with case studies and analyzed commercial real estate trends
7 december 2022 Vacancy Architect/Lead Architect for Interiors
Moscow, Saint Petersburg We are looking for a specialist with experience in the development of public interiors (offices, common areas, interiors of medical clinics and shopping centers) for an architectural bureau with 30 years of experience with an excellent team. Key task: designing commercial facilities (offices, shopping centers, housing, medical clinics) - from concept development to documentation and architectural supervision.