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16 may 2012


The next discussion of the cycle "Keepers", organized by the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow and the Institute of Media, Architecture and Design "Strelka", is devoted to determining the value of the architecture of the recent past.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of post-Soviet architecture. These two decades radically changed the image of Moscow. The architecture was influenced by business, politics, personal tastes of customers. At the same time, the quality of construction has dramatically evolved into a quantity - the volume of building the historic center of Moscow over the past two decades is comparable to the total construction here in the Soviet era.
20 years is an excellent occasion to discuss how and why the preferences of architects, customers and critics changed in the post-Soviet period? Which buildings it is better to demolish, and which may one day become monuments? Which criteria should determine their value - the aesthetic preferences of professionals, historical significance, international standards or the construction quality? Which buildings may be the symbols of the New Moscow? Architects, developers and critics are invited to the discussion.
Participants of the discussion:
Alexey Belousov - Commercial Director of Capital Group.
Boris Levyant - the general director of ABD Architects.
Alexei Muratov - Editor-in-Chief of the "Project Russia"
Sergei Skuratov - president of the company "Sergei Skuratov Architects”
Sergei Tkachenko - corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Vice-President of the Moscow department of International Academy of Architecture, professor of the Moscow Architectural Institute

Alexander Zmeul - director of the Agency P-Arch and curator of the Days of Architecture in Moscow

For participation please follow the link

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