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office interior
The office of company 3M


ADDRESS Business park Comcity



About Project

3M Company is a multiproduct international production corporation that produces unique innovative products for a wide variety of markets. Slogan of the company is "Science brought to life." 3M is an innovative solutions in many business areas: industry, health care, electronics and energy, security, consumer goods.

The main ideas that were originally incorporated into the planning decision are democracy, equality, team unity. Almost all workstations are equivalent. Public spaces, such as meeting rooms, coffee points, communication areas, are equally convenient for all.

The configuration of the floors of BC Comcity is ideally suited for the layout of open offices, with a large open space. Thanks to the plan of the floor in the form of a cross and with a continuous tape glazing, all employees work with natural light.

Client wanted to reflect the corporate symbolism in the interior. The design concept was based on the using of visual identification - a “triangle” in the decoration of the floor, walls and even in the form of decorative lamps. The selected line of flocked pile carpet tiles combines all 12 corporate colors of the company. Also, bright colors are actively used in the design of coffee-points and meeting rooms, in furniture for collaboration areas.

The first floor of the office is intended for clients and specialists, holding major events and trainings. The spacious reception with a dynamic design turns into a transformable space, which combined with the Conference Hall and forms a free area of ​​100 sq.m. This space is used for events and presentations with a large number of guests. 

“Demo-zone” is not just an exhibition platform, but showrooms for specialists to familiarize themselves with 3M equipment and materials in action. For example, in the “Dental” zone, immediately 14 people can work out their dental skills on models. In the “Manufacturing” zone, the possibilities of using 3M products are shown, where full-sized parts of cars are fixed on the stands, and in the center there is even a part of the subway car! In the "Safety" area, devices are shown to ensure safety during work at height, hazardous industries and other hazardous activities.

Demonstration zones are as open as possible for review, many are made in glass partitions, despite the fact that heavy mechanisms and abrasive materials are exhibited there. There are openness of the company and focus on cooperation everywhere. The architects made the most functional using of all free square meters for proper and comfortable placement of equipment, they visited the showroom and studied the operation of instruments and tools. An unusual decorative film, a “chameleon” with a mirror effect produced by 3M, was applied on the glass partitions. The meeting rooms used a film in the form of the thinnest vertical lines, creating the feeling of a water curtain made of streams of rain.

The peculiarity of the third office floor is in a large number of meeting rooms of different sizes: 17 meeting rooms for 4 employees, 8 - for 8 employees, 2 - for 12 employees combined into one large meeting room, and 1 conference room for 20 employees. At the entrance to each open space compartment, an open area for collaboration or informal communication is provided, giving employees the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of communication on work issues or in an expanded format to discuss topics that are distracted from work. At other times, the same zones can be used by guests as a waiting area or by staff as a temporary workplace.

Ekaterina Kovaleva,
Chief architect
Of course, we were very lucky with the choice of the office in the BC Comcity! This is a well-maintained complex located on a territory that has not yet been built up, with a stunning landscape design. What did we know about 3M before the project? Scotch tape and matte film on glass ... You can imagine how pride filled us when we learned that the company's products are all around us! Also, we remember one of the phrases of the company's presentation: “Find the right people and leave them alone.” (William L. McKnight - former president and chairman of the 3M board of directors). We hope right employees of 3M will work with pleasure and feel that way in the new interior !

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