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About Project

ADG Group specializes in commercial real estate projects. In 2014, the company won an auction of the Moscow Government to buy 39 Moscow cinemas. Their reconstruction and the return to them of the role of regional centers of attraction, as well as the creation of a comfortable and safe environment in the adjacent territory, is a priority project of the ADG Group.

With the advent of such a large and interesting project, it became necessary to expand the office, and at the same time move to a more modern business center. The new office was supposed to look modern, bright, youthful under the bold and innovative projects that the company is engaged in.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of open space in the office and in itself it resembles one large public area, which are worked on in the ADG Group, the hierarchy is still observed here. The company is managed by two brothers, for whom a separate zone is organized, combined with open-space. The management zone includes a reception room, where the secretary is located, and two offices with exits to your own coffee point and a bathroom.

Most of the employees are located in the open space, departmental heads do not sit in offices behind glass partitions, but work in cozy niches located along the central part of the building.

The office organizes a variety of zones for business and informal communication: these are classic meeting rooms, open meeting points, and audiences. If necessary, two meeting rooms next to the reception area can be combined into one using a mobile partition. It seems that the coffee point, separated from the main reception desk only by cloth curtains, is also part of the idea of transforming space. As explained by the architects themselves, this decision was temporary until the installation of the media wall, which should dilute the two zones.

Fabric curtains, which are used for zoning, were chosen for three reasons - due to ease of use, acoustic properties and unusual appearance. Given that the customer wanted to get an unusual, bright, modern interior, not overloaded with details, we can say that the goal was achieved by the architects. The original office landscape is created thanks to the use of a floor covering imitating grass and natural soil, color accents - the ceiling of the dark blue color in the area with a bar counter and bright red open mini-negotiation for employees - make it rich and diverse.

Most of the office is an open space, so the problem of acoustics paid special attention. For finishing "soft" niches in open-space, the fabric from the Kvadrat collection is selected for additional sound absorption. Suspended acoustic panels are lined with luminaires, which not only reduces noise, but also looks like an original design solution.
Ilya Sazhin,
chief architect of the project
The concept of the office was developed jointly with the British company JHP, which came up with ideas remotely. It was necessary to maintain a delicate balance between the integration of their ideas into the project and their own decisions. It was necessary to face and with the structural features of the building, namely with different heights to the ceiling and different sizes of transverse beams. In this connection it was necessary to study in more detail the engineering project, combining it with architecture - during preparation of the project there was made not one variant of the combined plan of ceilings.

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