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Avito. Client Service Center

office interior
Project Characteristics

TOTAL AREA 344 sq m

ADDRESS St. Petersburg, Malookhtinsky ave., 64, letter B



About Project

Avito is the leading online ad service in Russia. The company's staff is growing rapidly, respectively, offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg are expanding and improving. This project is an upgrade of part of the office of the Client Service Center (CSC) of the company, located on three floors of the business center "St. Petersburg Plaza".

The architects were faced with the task of creating an interior with a light and natural environment that allows employees to work comfortably at any time. So the idea of sunsets and sunrises was born, which was supplemented with the attributes of a holiday at sea, which only enhanced the effect of a relaxed atmosphere. This theme is supported not only by a delicate pastel palette, but also by painting various elements of the office, starting with the light ceiling and ending with the design of bathrooms. The artists also hand-painted the walls and columns, creating a smooth gradient.


All the places in the office are not fixed, which was done on purpose, because most of the employees work remotely. For this purpose, Office FlexiSpace technologies were introduced for online booking of workspace. It should also be noted the light partition made of polymer resin, textured under a layered sandstone grotto. Inside there are several open mini-meeting rooms upholstered with acoustic felt. 


The central location of the office can be called a round lounge area, part of which is hidden behind the meeting rooms. Furniture arranged in a semicircle conceptually divides the space into two parts thanks to colors. The shade of the curtains seems to continue the pattern depicted on the ceiling, creating the impression of the dawn sky pouring on the ground.

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