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office interior
Coca-Cola office

THE TOTAL AREA 2 238 sq m

ADDRESS Moscow, Yartsevskaya St., 19, BC Kuntsevo Plaza



About Project

The main idea of interior design of the new Coca-Cola office is display the rich history of the company, its fidelity to the best traditions, the desire for innovation and the future, as well as the ability to always keep up to date. It was important for architects to reflect in the interior the modern active and cheerful spirit of the company, as well as its values.

An important role in the interior is played by the image of the company's main product - the cult drink Coca-Cola. The architects creatively rethought it, as a result, it was decided to symbolize the warm caramel color with pleasant and warm lighting, which would create an atmosphere that turns the premises for strict negotiations into meeting places with friends. Cola bubbles are printed on partitions, but they are also figuratively transformed into a feeling of lightness, light, and a playful mood that accompanies you throughout the office. There are many bright colors, prints, many surfaces for drawings on the wall, as well as funny design elements. For example, the so-called Coca-Cola-wire - a design made of pipes and various flasks, comically imitates the production of the famous drink. The last element without which it is difficult to imagine a glass of cola is ice. His image was embodied in the clarity of the structure, the correct and competent organization of space.

The color scheme of the interior corresponds to the brand book of the company, in addition to red there are white, gray colors. The range is complemented by furniture made of wood veneer. Visually more relaxed open space is divided into special clusters, in which it is convenient to work in groups. The reception area and public spaces in the office are decided in brighter colors. At the entrance of the office you can see the so-called Glory lane, which describes the success story of the company, which began in 1886, and you can also see the exhibition of the famous Coca-Cola bottles.

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