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Deutsche Bank

office interior

TOTAL SQUARE 7 000 sq m

ADDRESS Begovaya str., 3



About Project

The premises on the three floors of the NordStar business center belong to the representative office of the international bank. But there are no specific, actually financial services here. The office is intended only for the IT department. At first glance, his decision is quite traditional in terms of planning, modern, but restrained in style and extremely functional.

The entrance area on the uppermost of the three floors is demonstratively strict and minimalistic: cold gray tones, a reception desk and a wall behind it from so-called micro cement (a material simulating concrete), clear rectangular shapes of fixtures.

Architects conventionally called the realized concept of "mathematical". Already at the initial stage of the project, the client had a very clear idea of the structure of the future office, expressed in concrete figures: what should be the ratio of workplaces and negotiation zones, what should be their area, the number and distribution of seats, how many employees should be calculated each Coffee-point, etc.

This desire to maximize the rationalization of space has found a visual reflection in the laconic form and color solution. And also ... in the original matting of partitions: a film with a picture of real mathematical formulas was pasted onto the glass surface.

Open working areas continue to set the monochrome, but gradually the color also appears. As we approach the zone of informal communication, orange chairs and green chairs with high backs appear.

On all floors tables are arranged in a row along the light front - so as to ensure equal conditions for everyone. Workplaces are universal and do not have a structural division into departments, which provides a flexible approach to their distribution.

The most active in color pad is located closer to the center: on the special podium there is a recreation area and informal communication, which is quite an atypical solution for open space. Dark gray carpet replaced here with a coating of natural wood, on a white background there are green, orange and red accents of sofas, armchairs and chairs.

A universal space is created, not only for recreation, for a small corporate party, but also for work, because it is here that architects have placed a hot-spot zone. A white corian stand allows you to put a computer on it, connect and work on both sides. It is interesting in this office to solve the problem of air exchange - if the air flow in the working area is carried out through the usual slot diffusers, then its fence occurs practically over the entire surface of the ceiling due to the large number of holes in the metal panels. Behind them are hidden strips of sound-absorbing material.

On each floor there are coffee-points for employees, clearly visible from any point of the office.

In addition to small partitions, they are also separated by dark gray threads, thus the zone is both open and comfortable from the point of view of privacy. One of the coffee-wall partitions is covered with a film that allows you to write or draw, on the other - built-in shelves for books, which are brought here by the staff.

Each floor has 4 small separate offices, various meeting rooms and recreation areas with ping-pong tables. In all the meeting rooms one of the walls is covered with a special film. But the most interesting in this project is not too noticeable to the eye. The receipt of the American environmental certificate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was the principal wish of the customer. Evaluation criteria are quite tough and take into account absolutely all aspects of office design: rational use of the building site, resource-saving technologies, use of non-toxic recyclable materials (preferably produced in relative proximity), insolation conditions and so on. Attention had to be given literally every little thing! Glue, trowel, foundation flooring - everything should be harmless and have an appropriate quality certificate. The architects analyzed even the kinds opening from each workplace. One of the most important requirements is the saving of water resources: the architects used special spray mixers, which allowed to significantly reduce water consumption. An ordinary visitor to the office and even an employee, most likely will not even notice all these "trifles". Just feel that it is comfortable and pleasant to be here, and, perhaps, will be surprised by the positive active attitude prevailing here.
Natalia Seroglazova,
Architect ABD Architects
The project allowed us to acquire a very interesting experience. While few of the Russian customers, and often not all foreign are willing to pay attention to the environmental component, spend a lot of money on it. Get a gold certificate LEED is not easy. And it's not just an additional effort to document documents, search for relevant materials, furniture and equipment. Increased requirements for quality and rational use of all resources increase the cost of a new office. To the West There is a system of benefits for owners of offices that have received a similar certificate. In addition, significant savings on payments for water and electricity also help to justify the costs. In Russia, this is a matter of the company's prestige and concern for the physical and emotional health of employees. At least for now.
Ivan Babykin,
the operational director of the department of information technology development of Deutsche Bank in Russia
When designing and finishing new offices, the social responsibility of Deutsche Bank is to use environmentally friendly technologies, an innovative approach to the organization and use of office space, and, of course, to provide safe and comfortable working conditions for our employees. In addition to the highest environmental standards of the office in BC "Nordstar", the bank created a modern innovative working space for more than 800 employees. The office of Deutsche Bank includes not only equipped workstations equipped in accordance with the most advanced technologies, but also comfortable zones for teamwork integrated into the common working space, meeting rooms equipped with modern communication facilities, sports and recreation areas, as well as comfortable cafeterias and coffee -zone. We are also proud that our efforts in the implementation of this project were marked by the most prestigious international certificate of LEED GOLD.

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