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shopping center

TOTAL SQUARE 86 790 sq m

CLIENT Centurion Alliance

ADDRESS 62, Rublevskoye sh.

DESIGN 1991 – 2004

CONSTRUCTION 2004 – 2005

About Project

«… when you enter, you discover a completely enchanting gallery without any columns - an actual shopping street, lit by a skylight. The glass is not visible from the ground, so, entering, you feel a pleasant surprise: the hanger turns out to be a museum. Of course, at the end of it, it’s still a hangar: the biggest in Moscow, «Ramstore» (12 thousand sq. m.) But even it’s tremendous size lines up with the idea of a store-city. Orange walls echo the color of the facade and the large, neon signs, crawling in different directions («Butter!» «Eggs!» «Cheese!») convert the interior into a kind of urban space. That is, first street gallery, filled with small tenants, and then (in accordance with all the laws of business) the market area «anchors».

N. Malinin «Headquarters», May 2005

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