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office interior
The office of company Givaudan


ADDRESS Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya emb., 52



About Project

Givaudan is the world's largest producer of food flavors and perfume compositions. It’s field of activity became the main source of inspiration for ABD architects while creating the interior of the new office for the company.

The company wished to remove into a larger office than the previous one. At the same time, new office supposed to be more functional and convenient for both employees and for visiting customers and partners of the company. According to the task formulated for architects, the design of the space should include natural motifs, natural colors, high-quality natural materials - this is due to the policy of the company, using only natural raw materials in the production of flavors. The architects also wanted to emphasize the airiness and lightness of the space, in which the analogy to the movement of volatile substances and particles creating aroma would be guessed.

First of all, the architects took into account the peculiarities of the building when designing a new office. So for the installation of all the necessary equipment, a number of solutions were developed to ease the pressure on the existing floors, which were not originally designed for it. One of the main difficulties was maintaining the maximum height of the ceilings inside the office and the minimum possible lifting of floors for laying all engineering systems, as well as a complex wiring system for utilities. The rented premises are located in two different buildings, in connection with which it was necessary, observing all the norms and requirements, to develop the unique layout into the complex area.

Initially, the office was divided into two equal parts: the left side is reserved for the sales department and the managers of the company, the right part - for management and developers. Together with the customer was developed a unique design of cabinets, separated by glass partitions. As a result there are “transparent” cabinets, where employees can see each other, while being in their own space. One of the additional and positive effects with such a plan is the passage of sunlight into the space. Thus, in the office daylight is used as much as possible.

Quite a narrow area in terms of placement for sales offices did not allow initially to be as comfortable and efficient as possible to locate and use the offices. Therefore, it was decided to “rotate” each room and place it at an angle of 65 degrees. The angle was chosen based on the internal angle between the two buildings. To expand the area, the cabinets are combined in pairs, the glazing is installed on all four sides, giving maximum visibility and the effect of the presence of each employee on each cabinet.

Due to achieved “jaggedness” the space forms niches in front of each cabinet, and so of the corridor was given the opportunity for maximum expansion. Therefore there are lounge and collaboration areas,  telephone conversation area,  coffee point and a printing zone. At the same time, each niche in which these zones were located has received a unique design that continues the main concept of a bright, airy and functional space.

The center of the office is the reception area, thoughtful and restrained in its design. This is the main zone that welcomes customers of the company, fr om which the journey around the office begins. There is a unique video wall on which photos and videos fr om the company's brand book are broadcasting, as well as a logo that changes its design. Next to the reception there is a large meeting room wh ere meetings with the company's clients are held. The design of this room is modern and strict, materials that are used combine naturalness and manufacturability.

From the reception area, passing through a portal made of wood, we enter the corridor that leads along the back streets of the office, as if through the streets of a city. On the floor you can see the central letter “G”, the company’s logo, from which the navigation line begins, leading us through the office and telling us wh ere the zone is. A passage to another part of the office opens the door for us with an automatic opening, which emphasizes the modern direction of the office.

Particular attention in the design was given to the selection of materials, the choice of lamps, operational furniture and outdoor navigation. The right side of the office used materials, glass partitions, ceilings and floors that meet the increased fire requirements. At the same time, these materials have an attractive appearance, they do not look hard and cumbersome, but they observe and maintain their performance. For lighting picked up special lamps that are installed relative to the cardinal points. The architects managed to apply an unusual material and develop a special glass partition with inserts. For this design, this material is very suitable, emphasizing the airiness of the concept. For the flooring was used carpet tile, imitating marble.

On the self-leveling floor, imitating the surface of concrete, there was an unusual navigation with icons and pictograms developed by architects. In the kitchen and coffee-point areas, an imitation of today's popular Venetian terrazzo was created.

There was also created a unique collaboration area which resemble a “cave” with sofas. It can also be used as a zone for negotiations. As regards acoustic solutions, special ceilings in the cabinets were developed, as well as acoustic suspended panels with integrated luminaires were used. Acoustic panels resembling a ginkgo tree leaf were used in the meeting room. They are attached to the wall with a magnet, and they can be rearranged at the request of the customer. As an additional sound absorbent, simple fabric curtains were used in the neutral color of natural greenery.

All office zones are planted: this is both a vertical wall of gardening at the reception desk, and hanging inverted pots, and pots with new and existing old plants of the client. In the kitchen, it was possible to imitate boxes with plants using high-quality artificial plants.


All employees have the most comfortable chairs from the Japanese manufacturer on the market.


Maria Boyko,
Lead architect
The initial structural difficulties of the building were transformed into interesting solutions for office planning. In this project, a lot of attention was paid to the choice of high-quality and modern materials. I think the office turned out to be as functional, comfortable, and bright as it was originally intended.

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