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office interior
Hines office

TOTAL AREA 550 sq m

ADDRESS Moscow, Gogolevsky blvd, 11



About Project

The new office of the international development company Hines is located in the Gogolevsky 11 business center and occupies 500 sq.m. The fundamental principles of this space, designed by the architectural bureau ABD architects, are quality, comfort and sustainability. The name of the concept “Intellegence city” implies an environment, where technology and quality lifestyle are harmoniously combined.

The building is located in the center of Moscow, so it was important to fit a new high-tech office with a modern lifestyle into the existing historical environment. The space includes a spacious reception, chamber offices for executives, various meeting rooms and a convenient open space for employees with a collaboration area and a tennis table. There is also a shower room.

The company's commitment to providing first-class quality is maintained in the interior through the use of appropriate materials: carpet on acoustic backing, parquet board and acoustic panels in meeting rooms, natural marble in the reception area, comfortable ergonomic desks and chairs. The architects reflected the activities of the company in detaisl: photos of old Moscow are located on glass panels in the reception room, and paintings created by artists with views of the city in the offices on the walls.

Attention was paid to every detail in the office. The open workspace contains round lights that evenly distribute the light on the work surface. The workstations are separated by acoustic partitions, and some of the tables are height adjustable. Instead of standard blind partitions, stylish and modern decorative partitions with backlighting were used as zoning. All colors of materals in the office are very close, and it was important to bring them together into a single harmonious composition.

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