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Huawei 3.0

office interior
The office of company Huawei


ADDRESS Moscow, Krylatskaya str., 17\4



About Project

The new project for company Huawei is the third construction stage of the office in the business center Krylatsky Hills. ABD architects created a space that continues the previously implemented office on other floors. But at the same time, there are many new interesting interior features.

The complexity of the project was that the architects had to work with the existing office layout, partially changing it, due to budget optimization. So, the layout of offices and meeting rooms, as well as common areas, were corrected for the comfort of employees. The new office has even more different informal communication areas, cafes and collaboration zones. Design of reception zone and organization of client space with meeting rooms and a service center were one of the tasks for architects.

Workplaces are located along the facade of the building, so there is a lot of natural light in the office. All additional rooms (kitchens, utility rooms, common areas) are still located in the central part of the building.

Particular attention was paid to the design of different communication formats: Huawei employees can easily discuss work tasks in a cafe or work at with laptop in silence in one of the boxes in collaboration area. A very important aspect is the possibility of changing the workplace inside the office. It promotes concentration and reduces stress level.

In addition to the general concept of the Huawei office in Moscow, each floor of new office displays cities in Russia. The ground floor is dedicated to Vladivostok, and the first to Kaliningrad. Urban motifs imaged throughout the space: the streets are depicted on the walls, the lamps are made in the form of antique lanterns, and the flooring resembles paving stones. Matting of meeting rooms made in the form of urban silhouette. The office has a wide variety of fixtures as well as lighting scenarios.

One of the features in new office is using of handmade graphics, despite the fact that it is a laborious and slow process. You can see the images of sights, lighthouses and port landscapes of Vladivostok and Kaliningrad in the open space, cafe and  in the meeting rooms.

Cafe for employees attracts your attention. Architects were inspired by the image of the street cafe, which was transformed and adapted to the office. The wooden floor contrasts with the carpet and resembles a terrace. Hand-made graphics on the walls, various lamps, round tables — all of these elements create a feeling of comfort and relax.

When designing the reception area, the task was to create a space that would be combined with the Huawei OpenLab showroom, which is located in the next building. Therefore, the design of this part of the office is minimalistic, and even "futuristic." It uses contrasting colors: white and black, and complements them - the red, corporate color of the company. 

The conference area with modern multimedia equipment was designed for large-scale events. It allowes to quickly adaptation the space for the current needs of the company.

The project is structured and implemented within the framework of a previously planned schedule, despite non-standard interior solutions (for example, handmade graphics on the walls, with preliminary drawing of sketches and selection of image objects). Only 5 months passed from the beginning of design to the moving. 

Marina Dimova,
Senior architect, ABD architects
We had the task of creating a new space, where we can trace the concept of urban image which we have already embodied on other floors of the office. Work with this project was very interesting and exciting, we had to adapt existing solutions, giving them a new life. And we are very pleased with the result.

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