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Public areas of residental complex "Futurist"

public area
Interiors of public areas of a residential apartment building


ADDRESS Saint Petersburg, Barochnaya st., 4A

DESIGN 2018-2019


About Project

ABD architects designed the interiors of public areas of the new residential complex "Futurist" in St. Petersburg.

Infrastructure for its residents will appear in the main building of the residential complex. It will accommodate fully equipped: mini-club, where you can hold an important meeting or relax while reading in a comfortable chair; wellness area, where you can invite a masseur or a cosmetologist and a compact gym.

The combination of laconic forms and refined details creates a feeling of comfort and luxury at the same time. The interior is quite contrasting, light in general, the space is diluted with black details: massive backs of chairs, framing glass doors and niches in the wall. The ornament in the style of "guilloche", applied with decorative plaster on the walls, brings natural motifs to the interior. A sophisticated accent is the lamps that seem to float in the air.

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