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Mendeleev Hall

office interior
Project Characteristics

TOTAL AREA 508 sq m

ADDRESS St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospekt, 1

DESIGN December 2021 - February 2022

CONSTRUCTION March 2022 - August 2022

About Project

The company needed a new format of space and additional work areas due to the expansion of staff. It was necessary to create a platform for conferences, lectures, meetings with the scientific community.

The building is a cultural heritage site. Architects had to take into account its design features (for example, different floor marks in adjacent rooms), limited network capacity and other factors.

The usual office infrastructure occupies only a small part of the space and is removed from the "guest". The emphasis here is shifted to holding conferences, meetings, trainings.

Flexible lighting schemes have been developed for different scenarios of use of premises, including: remote control of lamps and sun protection systems, the ability to fine-tune the light.

Conference halls are equipped with booking systems, equipment for online broadcasts and conference recordings, projectors, smart boards, duplicate TV panels. Much attention was paid to the ventilation and air conditioning systems of each functional zone.

The space is dedicated to Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev. This had to be reflected in the interior. Also, the visual style is based on the surroundings – the windows overlook the Palace Square and the beginning of Nevsky Prospekt.

The interior is designed to convey the value of acquiring new knowledge and sharing experience with outstanding figures in their disciplines, as well as to demonstrate a careful attitude to the heritage of Russian science and D.I. Mendeleev, as its brightest representative.

Among the thematic references, it is worth noting the periodic system of chemical elements, which is scattered throughout the space in the form of brass frames, measuring instruments invented by Mendeleev or by his order, statements on the topic of science, bottles with reagents, test tubes and even a plot with Dmitry Ivanovich's flight in a balloon to observe a solar eclipse.

The island cabinet on the border of the transit zone and the coffee bar serves as a beacon in a long corridor - numerous flasks and test tubes are placed in its hinged part, illuminated from below and visually multiplied by mirrored back walls. During coffee breaks, guests also gather around the "lighthouse" – a countertop of variable depth is provided around the perimeter of the island, which allows either to gather in large teams at the ends of the island, or to discuss something one-on-one, putting a glass/ mug of coffee on a shallow countertop along the long sides of the island.

A calm color palette with lots of greenery and wood textures (parquet, veneered countertops, shelving and window sills) was chosen for interior decoration.

Якубов Денис.jpg
Denis Yakubov,
Chief architect of the project, ABD architects
D.I. Mendeleev is one of the most important scientific figures. Taking part in the creation of this space is a great success, honor and, of course, responsibility for our team. The process turned out to be extremely fascinating and no less informative. Tasks requiring non-trivial solutions arose regularly and were successfully solved by the joint efforts of all participants. I express my great gratitude to the Mendeleev Museum-archive and personally to Tatiana Martynova for preparing a very valuable exhibition, which filled the space and added to it a valuable function of familiarization with the heritage of Dmitry Ivanovich.

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