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public area
show room
Mercedes-Benz Plaza

TOTAL SQUARE 18 012 sq m


ADDRESS 39A, Leningradsky Pr.

DESIGN 1997 – 2003

CONSTRUCTION 2003 – 2004

About Project

«The atrium, situated nearby the main entrance, is the keystone of the design concept. It unites the nine floors of the office center. On each floor there are galleries opening into the atrium; they are strung, as it were, on the frame which makes out the vertical of the panoramic elevator. The atrium with the elevator going up and down and the cars, placed on the first and second floors, are well visible from the street.

The interior design of the Mercedes-Benz Plaza pursues the high-tech theme: triumphant engineering thought, well-honed detail, state-of-the-art efficient materials and perfect workmanship. A silver-gray range of colors dominates the interior decoration (floor covering, furniture) as well as the façades, but, with due consideration of the Russian climate, the wall and ceiling surfaces are designed in lighter tones».

«Kachestvennaya Arkhitektura 2006» /«High Quality Architecture 2006» A special issue of the magazine Tekhnologii stroitel’stva /Construction Methods

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