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office interior
The office of company Mubadala


ADDRESS Moscow, Presnenskaya emb. 10, Naberezhnaya Tower, Block B



About Project

The company Mubadala is the leader among world investors, it does its best to accelerate economic growth and long-term development of Abu Dhabi. ABD architects has created new office for company Mubadala. It occupies 1150 sq.m. in Moscow City business center. 

Mubadala office design is a mixture of combination of classic space planning, such as reception, board room, meeting room, private offices with panoramic windows, coffee-points; and modern planning: open space, room for teamwork, phone booths, library and collaboration zone.

Color palette is made according to company brand book. The interior is full of calm colors, as well as the noble textures of natural stone, brass, gloss and lightness of glass, textural fabrics in furniture upholstery.

Your attention attracts an exceptional ceiling in reception zone - it was designed and manufactured specially for this project. While installing the ceiling the contractor was very careful, because 1500 elements had to be fixed separately.

The special attention was payed to comfort of work places, quality of furniture and fit-out materials. All workstations are height adjustable, and all work chairs are same for all employees, both for secretary or CEO. Ergonomics and comfort of  work stations stood at the first place in the office. For example, seating density is 25 sq m for person. All work places and private offices are located along the building facades, lounge areas and meeting rooms are situated at central part. Open spaces are provided with built-in cabinets and printers and all necessary equipment inside. And coffee-points are available everywhere.

A cafe for employees has a breathtaking view of Moscow, and its interior resembles an exquisite restaurant. There are a lot of light and air: light walls and floors contrast with dark wooden elements of furniture and panels, mint colors add fresh notes. The cafe has a comfortable kitchen and a dining area with round tables.  And there is also a bar counter with high chairs near the window.

Library is a special place in the office. The bookshelf is designed in form of company’s symbol  M. It stores books, materials and various information for employees, which you can read while relaxing in cozy armchairs. Also there is a phone booth where you can comfortably discuss personal things  without disturbing your colleagues.

The boardroom is an important place in the office. It’s not an accident the boardroom is located in the central part of the office along the facade. All the important guests come here exactly. Not only design, but multimedia systems were taken into account. Boardroom walls were made of special glass. The main detail of the boardroom interior is a lamp made of 238 brass tubes according to architect’s sketch. Brass elements are in harmony with American walnut wood panels, and also with impressive, bearing columns, which imitates marble.

A lot of bearing columns on the floor became one of the difficulties that had to be encountered in the design, in addition to the building shape with a semi-circular pointed facade. However, the solution to this problem has become another original feature of the interior - the columns were painted under the texture imitating marble. In general, the project has a lot of exclusive solutions, except tables and chairs, all the furniture was made specially.

Kristina Saakyan,
Style is the main feature of this interior. Minimalism combines here with laconicism and comfort. I decided to mix the company’s official turquoise color with warm shades of American walnut wood. The unique ceiling made of 1500 details deserves a special attention. I was inspired with Arabic ornament, which is reflected in elegant brass pattern.

I have the best impressions from working with Client. It was especially nice to receive complete trust, so we were able to implement every solution we proposed, despite the strict deadlines for project design and construction. I can say, the project was difficult. Not only me, but also the builders, and manufacturers faced for the first time some practical tasks. From a functional point of view, a distinctive feature of the office is comfortable and absolutely equal conditions for each employee.

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