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urban planning
territories development
special economic zone

TOTAL SQUARE 192 hectare



About Project

The concept assumes stage-by-stage development of territory by a total area of 192,0 hectares in 4 stages. During 1st stage (the area of territory of 50,2 hectares) 125 000 sq. m. of a total area of buildings will be built, during 2nd stage (5,8 hectares) – 33 800 sq. m., 3rd stage (28,0 hectares) – 52 500 sq. m., 4th stage (108,0 hectares) – 293 800 sq. m.

1st stage includes an administrative-business complex, which is supposed to incorporate all necessary services for work with potential residents: a business incubator, primary objects of social service, service buildings and the constructions, necessary objects of an engineering infrastructure and three buildings of research-and-production appointment.

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