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public area

TOTAL SQUARE 2 881 sq m

ADDRESS Andropova pr-t, 27

DESIGN 2015 – 2016


About Project

This is one of the first "package" in the framework of a large-scale program for the reconstruction of 39 metropolitan cinemas, which is led by the company ADG group. The concept for them was developed by the British bureau of Amanda Livit, and adaptation to Russian standards was carried out by ABD Architects.

The British bureau of Amana Livit in cooperation with ABD architects proposed a solution for reformatting buildings for 5, 10, 15 and 25 000 sq m. It contained some universal characteristics in terms of space and program organization, but there is no new "typical"; Each will be architecturally and functionally attached to the environment. How exactly it will be implemented in each of the objects, directly depends on the characteristics of the area and the buildings themselves.

The site for the construction of the projected building of the cinema "Orbita", an area of 4.85 hectares is located in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow. It is planned to place a 3-storey building of a multifunctional public center with dimensions in the plan of 65.0 mx 40.1 m.

Access to the building is provided fr om intraquarter thoroughfares from the southern and eastern sides of the building. The main entrance is designed from the front of the building and is oriented to the street Novinki.

The building is located on the site, taking into account the observance of normative indents from the lines of town-planning regulation, normative distances in accordance with the requirements providing fire safety. The fire entrance is provided from all sides of the building.

The area in front of the building, as well as the surrounding urban areas are landscaped, paving is used from natural granite tiles of different shades. Provision is made for the planting of trees, the organization of flower beds and benches. A playground for attractions has been projected on the territory, there are places for organizing a summer cafe.

The lighting of the territory is carried out by lamps on the masts, as well as lamps built into the facade of the building.

An unobstructed access to the building for maintenance of the engineering support premises of the building is provided.

There is a system for heating the areas in front of the building with the removal of thawed water through the water intake grilles into the storm sewage system.

At the intersection of ul. New items, etc. Andropov, in close proximity to the metro station Kolomenskoye.

"On the one hand, this is a network project, but on the other - each such center is very local, it is located in a characteristic place of its district," says Boris Levyant. - The existence of such centers, their necessity is understandable, it is another matter that a large part of the population adheres to the principle of not touching anything and maintaining the status quo. Although, when there is such a competently designed, built and managed community center directly in each district, it not only works to reduce traffic to the center, but, most importantly, gives these areas some kind of awareness. That is, the existence of such a center wh ere people start to communicate forms a certain attitude towards their territory. "

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