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Renovation of the Park house shopping center in Kazan

shopping center
public area
Interiors of Park house shopping center in Kazan

TOTAL AREA 4 000 sq m

ADDRESS Kazan, Avenue H. Yamasheva 46/33



About Project

The updated interiors of the building have become full-fledged public spaces of a modern shopping center, which has not only shops, but also opportunities for leisure activities.

The total design area was 4000 sq. m., it included galleries and a food hall, which after reconstruction significantly increased the number of seats: from 600 to 1000. There is a play space for children, soft and comfortable recreation areas, as well as a green area.

Special attention should be paid to high-quality finishes and custom-made furniture. All chairs are completely made of wood, without the use of metal components. All the details of the space were thought out by the architect very carefully, both from the functional point of view, taking into account the large cross-country traffic of people, and from the point of view of design.

There are many different options for visitors to relax: areas with soft sofas and armchairs, racks with bar stools, as well as large cozy "cocoons" wh ere you can comfortably accommodate a family or company.

The project was a continuation of cooperation between ABD architects and the Park house network: previously, projects were implemented to renovate the interiors of shopping centers in Volgograd and Yekaterinburg.

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