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public area

TOTAL SQUARE 48 000 sq m

CLIENT Avtokombinat-23

ADDRESS 1, ul. B. Cheremuskinskaya

DESIGN 2002 – 2003

CONSTRUCTION 2003 – 2005

About Project

RIO retail center is located in the Southwest district, at the cross-section of Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya street and the Moscow Circular Railroad—the former industrial territory was rehabilitated. The design uses natural height difference to construct an open parking lot on two levels, which, considering density of the site development, is important to provide for the demands of the business center functions. The upper parking levels reside with the bottom of the first floor. The building is entered from the both levels of the parking lot. It contains two volumes: 1) a hypermarket and a two-level trade gallery, 2) a three-level trade gallery, a restaurant yard and a 6-hall movie-house.

The Ground Floor (the lowest parking lot level) houses a bowling alley. The first floor—a hypermarket, goods processing rooms, loading and storage areas, a trade gallery with boutiques. The second floor—a trade gallery, administration rooms, staff accommodation rooms. The third floor—a trade gallery, a restaurant yard and a movie-house. Floors are connected by stairs, escalators, cargo and passenger elevators, two passenger conveyers are to connect the first floor and the lower parking lot. Loading is made from the inner approach through landing-stages in the building storage area and in the lower parking lot under the restaurant yard. A vented facade system (Alucobond panels) and a structural glazing (stairwells) are used for the building exterior cladding. The central trade gallery is illuminated by an incandescent fixture– and the bay width is 21 meters.

RIO retail center is a nominee of Commercial Real Estate Awards 2006 in the category "Large-Scale Shopping Center".

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