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Ekaterinburg Stadium

public area

THE TOTAL SQUARE 40 500 sq m

ADDRESS Ekaterinburg



About Project

The tender for the reconstruction of the Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg was won by the company Sport-Engineering, which, in turn, attracted ABD architects, American architect David Mannik (MANIKA architecture) and German engineering office Werner Zobec. ABD architects developed a draft design, defended it at the town planning council in Yekaterinburg.

The central core of the architectural and planning decision of the stadium is the football arena with a field of 105x68m with a security zone. For the competition in the presence of spectators, the arena is equipped with four stands - western, eastern, southern and northern, with a total capacity of 45,000 spectators.
The stadium is a variable number of storeys, has 4 main levels with three tiers of open stands. The upper and lower tiers are designed to accommodate spectators of the category "public", media (the upper tier), on the second tier there are club seats, VIP and VVIP seats, "sky" boxes (western and eastern stands), spectator places of the category "public" (northern And southern stands). On all tiers and in each category there are spaces for spectators with disabilities.
  • At the mark. -5.76 m (the level of the field) are located the entrance of the vehicles of athletes, the premises of athletes mix. Zone, FIFA offices, utility rooms, maintenance rooms, loading areas.
  • At the mark. 0.00 there are main entrances to the stadium VVIP-entrance, foyer of the lower tier with buffets, shopping kiosks, toilets, etc., utility rooms.
  • At the mark. 17.28 are located foyer of the audience category "public" lobby and media booths, bars, buffets. Toilets, etc.
  • At the mark. 11.52 are located VVIPc lobbies appropriate service area, "sky" boxes from the foyer, foyer of the audience category "public".
The architecture of the stadium is solved in a single volume in modern stylistics. Fragments of the walls, which are the subject of protection, are preserved and become elements of the interior. The building seems to cover the stadium, forming a transparent shell with a complex geometric pattern, behind which the historical walls are seen.

The roof of the building is made of transparent polycarbonate, so that the sun's rays reach the natural lawn.

After the World Championships, the territory of the stadium provides for the organization of a training football field, a park zone with sports and playgrounds, a children's entertainment zone, etc. It was supposed that the stadium will be used for holding club matches of the Russian Championship. For this kind of matches, it is proposed to reduce the capacity of the stadium to 33 thousand spectators. The upper stands can be partially dismantled, the foyer of the upper tier can be filled with rooms for club work, training halls, etc.

However, in the course of the work it became clear that for the design at the next stage there is no complete initial data - there is not enough land to accommodate such a large object as a football arena, problems arose due to the insufficient size of the sanitary protection zone. According to the requirements of the law, it must be at least 300 meters, and there turned out to be much less. It became obvious that the best solution to the situation should be only the change of the construction site. Subsequently, ABD architects, remaining convinced of the latter, withdrew from the project.

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