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Southern River Port

public area

TOTAL AREA 531 500 sq m

CLIENT Southern River Port

ADDRESS Moscow, 2nd Yuzhnoportovy passage


About Project

The land plot with an area of 28.7 hectares is located in the southeastern administrative district. The commercial and public zone is located in the central part of the site between the backup links of Volgogradsky Prospekt and the embankment. The significance of the territory should be increased by the construction of a new metro station and an underground passage connecting the site with the neighboring territory. The public square at the shopping center becomes the epicenter of the district's life..

Part of the design of the facade of the ice arena is an amphitheater, from which you can watch sailing regattas. In the immediate vicinity of the pier and the main square there is a marina with a yacht club, a restaurant and a cafe, a public swimming pool on the water.
The main recreational space of the new district is the embankment, which occupies the entire water protection zone. The embankment has a developed infrastructure of pedestrian paths, a unique landscaping landscape, bike paths, public squares, a swimming pool.

The structure of blocks in the coastal zone is opened to the water with a decrease in the number of floors to the embankment. The houses are located on a stylobate, in which there are public spaces and parking.
The courtyards are a car-free zone, access to the house is carried out only from the outside.

The high-rise dominant of the district is the coastal development to the west of the shopping center. The main focus is a 50-storey tower located on the bend of the embankment of the Moskva River. The building becomes a kind of "lighthouse", a recognizable symbol of the district.
The block construction and the high-rise variety of buildings help to avoid the monotony of the visual environment inherent in typical microdistricts. In general, a rich and diverse functional and visual environment is created, which is an important criterion for a high standard of living.

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