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Western Gates

business center
business park
Western Gates


CLIENT ООО Centurion Hypermarkets

ADDRESS 12, Belovezhskaya St.



About Project

The business park consists of three blocks resting on a common stylobate which accommodates amenities. Most of the office space is situated above the highway junction level on the crossing of MKAD and Mozhaiskoye Shasse. The artificial landscape, created as a result of previous road construction is used to create a cozy courtyard space, isolated from the housing on the adjacent site. The buildings, placed as close as possible to each other, provide good noise protection and ensure a comfortable stay within the development. The architecture is lapidary - horizontal lines prevail, but the arbitrary location of the buildings and difference in their heights ensure visual diversity.

The stylobate portion accommodates public areas (lobby, stores, and a coffee bar), as well as a parking area. All the upper floors house office spaces. The floor layouts allow leasing out either the entire floor or smaller office spaces. Each building has its own independent entrance, which allows an opportunity to offer individual modules for lease to different tenants. The design provides for a high-quality land improvement while preserving the existing trees along Belovezhskaya Street, and foresees further planting. An outdoor parking is provided on the ground beside the building entrances.

Other projects

Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLC
The seriousness of the image of the legal company is emphasized by the laconism of the planning and finishing solutions - the verified accuracy of perforations and knots, the selection and location of the corresponding lightning solved in the form of modern light panels.
From the very beginning the office design provided for future reshaping of the office area, facilitating change in size and in the number of rooms. A special ceiling was selected to be connected with partition fixes.
Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko
The well-known real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko sought to unite all of its departments, scattered around Moscow, in a single space while moving into a new office.