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Residential complex on Sinichkina Street

public area

TOTAL AREA 58 780 sq m




About Project

The residential complex consists of two apartment towers and a residential tower. On the plot there are two playgrounds, a green area inside the complex with pedestrian paths and recreation areas.

On the first floors of the complex there are rented premises and entrance groups. Large 4-room apartments with panoramic views are provided on the upper floors of the towers. The towers of the apartments have small "French" balconies, as well as large balconies in the corner parts of the building with alternating through the floor. The residential building has balconies on the west and east sides, as well as loggias on the north and south sides of the building.

On the roof of the stylobate part along the Kryukovsky dead end, landscaping and landscaping are provided with the possibility of using the residents of the complex.
The underground parking is two-level and has a capacity of 399 cars. In the corners of the underground parking, as well as around the stair-lift assemblies are designed storage areas for use complex residents.

The main elements of the facade are made in a ventilated facade system with light gray fiber cement panels. The cladding of the retaining walls and ramps is made of natural stone. The artistic expressiveness of the complex is achieved by a combination of brightly lined elements of balconies and loggias, with bright gradient extensions of the southern and northern sides of the residential building from green to orange.

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