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Multifunctional complex within public transport hub "Technopark"
Multifunctional complex in the south of Moscow
Dubinin’ Sky
ABD architects has designed architectural solutions for the project of GC "Gals-Development" Dubinin' Sky
Space 1 Mercury
Service space in the Mercury Tower Moscow City
Office for a Russian IT company
Sberbank's Cybersecurity Situational Center
Simplicity of forms, minimalism of materials and emphasis on information
Space 1 Balchug
Space 1 Balchug was the first in Russia to be certified according to the Fitwel standard and received a maximum rating of 3 stars
Metrika Investments
Office space for the investment company Metrika Investments
Avito. Client Service Center
An office for those who miss the sea
The new office of company Poscredit in Moscow
Avito. Sales Department
Avito's new office in St. Petersburg
A plane and a bathyscaphe lost in the jungle in the office of the IT-company
Huawei show room
Intellectual space for demonstrating advanced technology, designed for the world leader Huawei.
Moёt Hennessy
Functionality and minimalism.
Mercedes-Benz Plaza
The building is located in the Northwest administrative district, at the TSSCA sport complex territory, adjacent to Leningradsky Prospect
Kaspersky Lab
The working interior of Kaspersky Lab is primarily employee-orientated