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Public areas of residental complex "Futurist"
Design of infrastructure zones for an apartment building
Mercedes-Benz Plaza
The building is located in the Northwest administrative district, at the TSSCA sport complex territory, adjacent to Leningradsky Prospect
White Square
The business center is built in a dense context and keeps the existing streets and pedestrian routs layout.
Residential complex on the shore of the Khimki reservoir
On the territory of the site there is a stylobate part, in which there is a parking lot, commercial areas, premises of the hotel infrastructure and an educational center.
Situational and analytical center
Multifunctional center in Volgograd
Vladivistok complex
A five-storey complex with a total area of 35,000 square meters will be built in Vladivostok on the Nizhneportovaya street.
Danilovskaya manufacture
The Danilovskaya manufactory Loft quarter exists as a part of the urban environment and landscape, but stands out against the background of the surrounding typical buildings with a bright red brick accent.
Food court in the Park House Shopping center
Renovation of food court zones in the Park House shopping center in Volgograd
Southern River Port
The concept of the development of the southern river port in Moscow
Residential complex on Soymonovsky
Competitive project of a residential complex in the center of Moscow
Residential complex in Minsk
Competitive project of a residential complex in Minsk
Residential complex on the river bank
The project of a multifunctional residential complex on the embankment of the Moskva River
Avrora Apartment Complex
The project of an apartment complex on the embankment in Moscow
Residential complex on Sinichkina Street
Competitive project of a residential multifunctional complex with an underground parking lot
Microdistricts in Lipetsk
The concept of building 32 and 33 microdistricts in Lipetsk