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The company has an architecture department and an interior department, which allows to cover the entire market of architectural services as completely as possible and satisfy the client's requests at any level with the same efficiency and professionalism.


Architectural design - ABD architects performs the full range of design works and services for the preparation and maintenance of construction.

The function of the designer envisages the development of project materials at all stages of design and supervision of construction. In carrying out this function, the company ABD architects will be responsible for the full range of project documentation and coordination of its supervisory bodies and ekspertiruyuschih Russia (Moscow for this Moscomarchitecture, MosGosEkspertiza, Rospotrebnadzor, Fire Service).

Pre-analysis (due diligence) requires the design of most objects, and includes an analysis of urban development programs, programs for reconstruction and new construction, residential, office and commercial complexes. In addition, Pre-analysis is to advise the customer on the functional program of the building and a preliminary budget estimate costs of design and construction.

Preliminary design for the placement of an object consists of the following: the location of the facility on the site, laid the foundations of the planning structure, developed three-dimensional composition, identifies the major technical and economic indicators are conducted calculation of insolation and lighting, landscape and performed a visual analysis and historical and architectural research. If necessary, the development of urban studies, our company hires experts for the preparation of transport and urban sections. Harmonization of the Pre-proposal (conceptual design) - one of the main stages of design, required for developing a set of project documentation for the registration of the act authorized the use of urban land area of the object and the ARI (Act permitted use of land) in Moscow or the relevant regulatory instruments in other regions of Russia.

The company is developing a kit to pass the necessary examination of project documentation and obtain a building permit. In addition, ABD architects performs negotiation stage "Project" gets all the necessary preliminary conclusions on design solutions and approve the draft regulatory authorities in the Russian Federation (to Moscow this Moscomarchitecture, Rospotrebnadzor, Fire Service, OPS, traffic police). Based on the approved "project" is an object passing in GosArhStroyNadzor. Design documentation

• Architecture Building, General Plan, Improvement

• Design solutions

• Internal engineering systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water, sewerage, electricity, etc.)

• Technology Solutions

• Fire Safety

• PIC (Construction Management Project)

• AML (draft traffic management)

For construction company produces a full set of working on all sections of dokumenatatsii (drawings, explanatory notes, specifications, components and parts) and it agrees with the oversight bodies of the executive vlasti.organah Russia (Moscow for this Moscomarchitecture, MosGosEkspertiza, Rospotrebnadzor, Fire Service).

When the general contractor documentation ABD architects offer their services under the author's support of RD, controlling its earlier design decisions, and defending the position of the customer to avoid simplify and reduce the cost of construction.

Exercise supervision over the construction guarantees that the work in strict accordance with the documentation. Departure of experts are regularly throughout the construction works. Monitored the quality of cleaning and quality finishing and general construction materials. Also controlled by the execution of design and engineering solutions. Logs the supervision.

To determine the revised cost parameters and the choice of general contractor company ABD architects is developing a set of Tender documents consisting of multiple packages. As part of the Tender documents shall specify the specification of engineering equipment, the volume of concrete and reinforcement, the area of glazing and facade systems, records and finishing the interior doors. Tender documents

• Package № 1 "Architectural and planning decisions»

• Pack № 2 "Fronts" (including the stained glass windows, cladding and roof)

• Package number 3, "Internal engineering systems»

• Package № 4, "Structures»

• Package № 5 "Master plan and landscaping»

ABD architects are always staying in a constant search of the way to improve the quality of provided services. That is why we have implemented the latest design methods and technologies such as BIM (building information modeling) since 2015. Currently we are using the latest releases of Autodesk AEC Collection, including but not limited to Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D. With our international experience of work in BIM and having Revit Architecture certified professionals in the team we can apply best BIM management solutions, such as design process coordination using companies internal servers/Revit server/A360, design automation using Dynamo and Revit API, coordination between different disciplines and BIM softwares, quantity takeoffs in Navisworks etc. We develop BEP(BIM Execution Plan) for each of our projects, which allows us and our contractors to take into account all customer requirements for BIM and make them understandable for every team member. ABD architects support a transparent, open workflow, allowing project members to participate regardless of the BIM software tools they use.

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