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19 march 2012

ABD architects takes part in the international project

May 23 - Awards NAYADA ArhiVyzov | Property in 2012

In the "Furniture Design" exhibition ARCH Moscow, NAYADA presents "Process Creation" international project "12 Architects. The "cabinet". Part One: masters of Russian architecture. "Between 24 and 27 May will be lectures and master classes are the authors of "Cabinets":

May 24 - Boris Levyant «ABD architects»
Topic: "New trends in the development of office space and their impact on office furniture"

May 25 - Vladimir Kuzmin, "Field-Design"
Subject: "Profile - shape imaginable. The field of design "

May 26 - Sergey Choban «SPEECH Choban & Kuznetsov"
Topic: "From the general to specific. From town planning to the details "

May 27 - Totan Kuzembaev "Architectural Totan Kuzembaev"
Topic: "Intuition"

May 27 - Evgeny Polyantsev "MAYOR'S STUDIO"
Topic: "The realities of life and art of abstraction"

Other materials

20 december 2023 ABD architects projects were included in the TOP 50 headquarters according to FORBES
The ranking was prepared by RESEARCH in partnership with PRIDEX in 2023
6 april 2023 Denis Kuvshinnikov attended the IV All-Russian Forum "The Best Product Solutions and Trends in Commercial Real Estate"
On March 20–21, representatives of the largest Russian companies spoke with case studies and analyzed commercial real estate trends