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ADDRESS Zwetnoy b-r, 2, BC



About Project

"Natixis Bank JSC" in Moscow is the French subsidiary bank, the largest division of France's second-largest financial group BPCE, which serves 36 million customers and owns the joint retail network Banque Populaire and Caisse d'Epargne. Business develops in three main areas: banking services for large corporate clients, investment consulting and insurance, specialized financial services. The company has 16,000 employees.

The office of the Russian unit was decided to be moved to the new business center "Legend of the Еымуетщн", which is located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The customers liked the building itself, its location and transport accessibility.
To reflect the corporate standards of organization of the working space, engineering content and design within the leased premises, while retaining their main "asset" - space and openness.

When designing an office in the new business center, architects had to face some technical difficulties: to think through and calculate the evacuation routes, based on the existing cutting of premises on the floor. In addition, the structural features of the building and the location of communications caused a relatively small height of the ceilings, so the main task was to create a sense of spaciousness in the interior.

The new office of Natixis Bank fully reflects the corporate values and image of the bank - openness, transparency, reasonableness and modern solutions.

Panorama of the city, opening out of the windows, found its own stylized reflection in the picture of glass partitions of large meeting rooms. It was decided to use the view fr om the windows as the main element of the interior. Therefore, the plan does not contain deaf and dark rooms - everything is open and full of light.

Architects often have to insist on transparent glass partitions but Natixis bank turned out to be very progressive customers - openness and airiness were their main wishes. Virtually all the partitions are completely transparent. As a result, frosted glass was used only in the office of the general director and partly in the main meeting room, where the drawing of the matting film repeats the silhouette of the city landscape outside the window.

Graphic brown frames of glass partitions and strict rows of linear pendant lamps in dark housings installed above the workstations create a clear rhythm in the interstitial light and air.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of light. All fixtures are LED with dimming function. This allows individual regulation of light intensity, depending on the time of day and the weather outside the window.

One of the main motives in decorating the interior of the office was the rhythm and pulse of the modern city. This idea is most strikingly reflected in the design of the reception desk: the combination of inclined planes and built-in illumination transforms a corian monolith into a dynamic design.

The same motif is used in the design of the main meeting room - the dark wall creates a spectacular rhythmic contrast to the light space, giving the atmosphere of the room a more businesslike character.

In general, the furnishing of working areas and study cabinets is almost the same. All decorated in a single style and color with a predominance of light natural shades. The only difference is in the material: veneer is used for finishing the furniture in the cabinets, laminate in the working areas.

In quite short terms of design and construction - 5 months, the architects of ABD Architects managed to create a modern, dynamic and at the same time light and light interior, wh ere rationality in the organization of space is combined with modern design solutions.
Alexey Valyaev,
Deputy Chairman of the Board Natixis Bank
Moving to a new office was for us a project, first of all, an image. Our task was to fit the corporate standards of organization, engineering and office design into specific frameworks of the rented premises, while preserving their main "asset" - transparency and volume. Our architects perfectly coped with this task having realized also a functional component - having planned optimum neighborhood of the divisions connected by business processes. The realized project deserved the highest marks both of the Russian team of Natixis and of our foreign colleagues.
Natalia Seroglazova,
The chief architect of projects ABD architects
It was incredibly easy to work with the project for Natixis. It was a rare opportunity to work on the same wavelength with the Customer, in an atmosphere of complete trust. The project was implemented as it was conceived from the first drafts, without significant changes and adjustments.

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