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office interior

TOTAL SQUARE 23 500 sq m

CLIENT Rosbank

ADDRESS Moscow, 11 Mashi Poryvaevoy St.



About Project

Due to the merger of the Russian and the European banks, the company’s management decided to integrate employees in a single space. For the design of the new office, it was necessary to find a compromise that would suit both western standards and the Russian notion of a comfortable working environment.

The general interior concept was flexibility - one of the main requirements for the future office was the capacity to add individual rooms or vice versa to connect them back to the open area of the workspace. Therefore, most partitions, except for bathrooms, cafeterias and wardrobes were made of assembled constructions, either glass, laminated or combined with tissue.

The configuration of the building is relatively difficult for orientation - four wings, two elevator halls, several entrances to each floor and an 8 floor irregularly shaped atrium in the center, covered with a skylight. Color navigation system, with colored flooring and ceilings in public areas, was developed for employees' convenience. Furthermore, the ceiling border around the perimeter of the atrium are colored, making it visible from any floor of the atrium and creating additional color accents in the finish. Each floor has four wings assigned with different color: red, blue, green and yellow. Each wing, in the space furthest away from the windows, has its «core» which houses meeting rooms, dressing rooms, copying and other ancillary facilities. The ceilings in these rooms are painted in the chosen color and the carpet is also consistent with the general color spectrum of the wing.
Head of Corporate Real Estate
They created the architectural, electrical, MEP and interior design for this 25000 sqm building which contains 1800 work stations, a canteen, an auditorium, top management offices and a bank branch. All the occupants of the building are very happy with their new working space.

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