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20 october 2022

Trend Rooms: "In search of Time" by ABD architects

On October 13, the Business & Design Dialogue 2022 forum was held in St. Petersburg, where ABD architects together with partners presented TrendRoom «In Search of Time»

The author of the concept is the architect of the Interior Department Roman Surov.

«What is time? Such a concept as time was invented by people. For what? In order to make it clearer how to measure the events taking place, to navigate them, to have a certain constant value that is understandable to everyone. All people feel time differently. For some, it is fleeting, and someone would like to speed it up. And this is due solely to the subjective perception of events that occur in the world around us.

However, there is one interesting property in time, namely, time management, but where and how to do it for real? The famous French writer Marcel Proust in his work "in search of lost time" emphasized that "reality disappoints" and you can enjoy only in the world of imagination. Such a state is regarded by Proust as ideal, "timeless". Since it is "timeless", it allows you not to fear the future».

Thanks to all participants: PRIDEX, Kinnarps, KATSU, Tarkett, Terra, Versal Group, MDM-Light, PWV.

We have become a wonderful and well-coordinated team and implemented an incredibly beautiful installation in a short time!

Photo: MDM-Light and OfficeNext.

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