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Projects in architecture and Interiors
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Architectural bureau ABD architects for 33 years has been implementing a whole spectrum of projects at once in two directions: architecture and interiors.


Department of Architecture performs design and maintenance Projects in almost all sections; The full range of services required for Preparation and support of construction.


Department of Interior ABD architects engaged in architectural Designing of commercial interiors from the moment of preparation of the task-program for Designing, developing planning solutions, creating a project design, developing a working Documentation and before the final implementation and final move of the client. ABD architects also Carries out consulting services, assistance in conducting tenders, author supervision.

We have the experience and resources to solve any problem. Beginning with Complex studies of the use of workplaces (desk utilization study) and implementation The concept of "activity based working" to the development of working documentation.
Boris Levyant
Boris Levyant
General Director of ABD architects; Full member MAAM; Advisor to RAA; A member of the AGR; Member of the ULI

The maximum design speed can be provided not only by the necessary number of professional architects in the company staff, not only implemented by the quality management system of design, but also by the introduction of BIM technologies, the availability of regular 3D visualizers, and the use of various technological tools in the design. The knowledge base accumulated over 33 years of work helps to quickly offer solutions to the task so that the quality of the result exceeds expectations.

The Bureau was one of the first to develop the ideas of sustainable design in the office sector of Russia, in its portfolio there are realized projects certified according to the "Gold Standard" LEED. 

One of the first bureaus also began to develop the sphere of medical interior, creating large-scale and bright projects for EMC on the street. Shchepkina, K + 31 at the City Clinical Hospital No.31, the whole network of clinics "Clinic Chaika".

The company employs more than 80 highly professional architects, interior designers, as well as project managers with experience in the US, Europe, China and other countries.

According to expert estimates, the capitalization of the entire project from the participation of ABD architects is estimated in 2% -3% of the market value of the property.