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6 june 2022

Interactive installation by ABD architects on ARCH MOSCOW 2022

We invite you to visit our installation on ARCH MOSCOW from June 8 to 11 in Gostiny Dvor.

In today's ever-changing world, it is difficult to determine exactly what is happening here and now. It seems completely impossible to predict what awaits us tomorrow. Turning to nature and history, it becomes clear that the only stability that can be said with confidence is a constant movement through metamorphosis and development. The permanent change of day and night, seasons, birth and death constantly remind us of the stable reliability that lies in the inevitability of changing cycles..

What if we look at the world from a different angle? If you look at the branches of a tree in early spring, you can see a city plan in them. It will change very soon when the branches are covered with young May, and then with thick summer foliage. In winter, they will be covered with snow, and the nature of the plan will change dramatically again. And in the spring they will inevitably bloom again, letting in the energy of a new life.

The history of architecture presented in this way never freezes in one place. She is in constant motion, growing, changing her face. Each generation as a whole and the personality of an individual have the opportunity to make their own creative contribution to the process of this development. We are together and each of us creates our changing reality every day.

Our installation is a city based on a network of tree branches, which visitors can build up, disassemble and rebuild anew, changing its character and structure. This process reflects the constancy and stability of the metamorphoses associated with the development of architecture. We welcome building different configurations of the city and capturing the moments of its development with a photo or video on your social networks.

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The jury of the international competition for the design of the Ukraina Hotel in Moscow entrance group chose three finalists for the contest: ABD architects with the participation of Werner Sobek Moskwa, Studio 44 and TPO Lesosplav with the participation of Malishev Wilson Engineers.
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According to the results of the annual Best Office Awards in the category "Comfort and Ergonomics" winner was the interior of Kaspersky Lab.