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16 january 2023

Synthesis of architecture and technologies. Will robots take over the world and what does Vitruvius have to do with it. Bonus issue about modern technologies!

Hi all! This is a bonus episode of the podcast "Architects are talking."
This time we came to visit the most technological space in Moscow - Multispace Paveletskaya.
In the studio we are met by Alexey Kursin, partner of Pridex, CEO of Inex Digital. The architects of ABD architects decided to test the modern technologies that are offered to guests and residents of Multispace. The conversation turned out to be very interesting, from this issue you will learn:
• Algorithms, neural networks and data analysis - how to figure it all out using the example of ordering coffee at the workplace;
• How to support the health of an employee with the help of technology;
• Temperature recognition systems, employee stress - what should be taken into account?
• Smart houses and the cooperation of man and space. And what is the difference between a smart house and a smart office;
• Well, the main question is whether a robot can replace a person in the workplace.
And of course, our regular column Architrave! Enjoy


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