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office interior

About Project

ABD architects designed a new office on the area of 340 square meters. m. The spacious conference room, a functional open space, manager's office, 2 internal negotiation, as well as the reception, coffeepoint and etc. Laconic modern interior filled with light colors and finishing materials.

The goal of AmCham Russia was moving in a comfortable space in a modern office center with high transport availability.
Alexis Rodzyanko,
President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
It was important to establish a new office all the conditions for effective work and interact our customers and partners.
We are pleased that now, thanks to a more modern organization of space, we have the ability to carry out activities and welcome guests with more convenience than ever before. In addition, a comfortable working environment created for our office staff.

Dennis Kuvshinnikov,
principal of interior department of ABD architects interiors
AmCham office is extremely functional, there used modern materials and solutions for the organization of the work of employees. Special attention was paid to the organization of the conference room, as one of the most important and frequently used rooms for clients of the AmCham. Thanks to its convertible partition can be converted into two autonomous negotiation spaces.
ABD architects for several years been a member of AmCham, so we were well aware of the customer's needs and could in the shortest possible time to meet its needs.

Sergey Kudryavtsev,
managing partner of construction company Pridex
Business Center" White Gardens" is one of the most prestigious business centers of class"A"in Moscow, so the requirements to the level of finish is certainly high.
For this project we are not only picked up the high-quality materials, but also to work out the details of layout and equipment of the office so that all utilities can easily and without significant costs to modify the premises in the future, if it is the tenant's desire to appear. I am absolutely sure that employees AmCham Russia will be comfortable and pleasant to work in the new office.

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