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Huawei Dongguan

Project Characteristics

TOTAL AREA 1 500 sq. m.


ADDRESS China, Province Guangdong, Dongguan


About Project

There is a huge Huawei IT campus in Dongguan, designed and built in the style of European classical architecture: France, Holland, and Great Britain. At the same time, the interior inside these buildings is quite modern and is not related to the exterior.

 A small train runs around the campus, which takes Huawei employees to various buildings. All employees leave their cars in the parking lot nearby and move either on foot or by train. The campus is incredibly landscaped: marble fountains with cupids, rabbits running between them and growing fruit trees, the fruits from which are served to employees in the cafe. The campus area is 1.3 million square meters.

 ABD architects has allocated three zones for design: two cafe zones in one of the classic buildings and coworking zones or flexible office space inside existing office spaces.

The cafe was decided in a classic style, as required by the architecture of the building and the Client.

Zones for flexible work had to be as diverse as possible with the use of complex shapes, unusual color combinations, finishes.

As part of a business trip to Dongguan, ABD architects presented one of the design options to the company's management. According to the comments received, the next day we had to present a new version, almost completely redesigned, which was done.

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