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Kaspersky Lab

office interior
The Winner of the nomination «Space organisation» Best Office Awards 2014
The Best Project «More than 5000 sq.m.» MCFO Awards 2014
The Diplomatist of the project «Qualitative architecture-2014»
The Best Project International Property Awards 2014


ADDRESS Leningradskoe h-way, 39A, building 3, BC Olympia Park



About Project

The working interior of Kaspersky Lab is primarily employee-orientated. That is why a lot of attention was paid to the comfort and flexibility of the working blocks, various recreational and communication zones as well as the quality of engineering solutions. Receiving the prestigious environmental specification was not one of the tasks, however great attention was paid to the quality of air and coatings, saving water and sophisticated lighting control system. Employees and their qualifications - the principal value for the company, which forms its brand image.

It took more than two years to complete the new office for «Kaspersky Lab». Architects consciously abandoned the bright, bold decisions that have become almost mandatory for interiors of IT companies. Instead, they tried to create a peaceful and comfortable environment for the 1600 employees, devoid of any possible stressful situations.

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