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Miratorg Belgorod

office interior

TOTAL SQUARE 4 500 sq m

ADDRESS Belgorod, Bogdana Khmelnytskogo 113

DESIGN 2016-2017


About Project

Agroindustrial Holding Miratorg, founded in 1995, is one of the leading producers and suppliers of meat on the Russian market. Enterprises that are part of the holding company carry out a full production cycle: from field to counter. Most of the enterprises are located in Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk regions, so opening an office in Belgorod was a logical decision for the company.

Initially Miratorg office was located in an unsightly building of the Soviet era. However, the company is developing rapidly and growing, and soon the question arose about building its own office building, which was designed by Austrian architects and adapted for the city by Belgorodgrazhdanproekt. In the new premises it was necessary to create comfortable conditions for the work of more than 230 people making up the staff of the company.

The interiors of the whole building are designed according to the design of the architectural bureau ABD architects, which was previously designed by the Moscow office of the holding.

The main difficulty in the work was that in parallel with the design of office space, it was also necessary to design engineering systems throughout the building, since it was not even connected to citywide systems.

On the ground floor there is a security room, a reception desk, two open meeting rooms with a waiting area in front of them. In addition, there is a spacious café with a powerful technological zone (it includes shops, storerooms, washing rooms, etc.).

Directly office premises - working spaces, offices, meeting rooms - occupy the remaining floors of the building (from the second to the fifth). All functional areas of the office are grouped along the longitudinal axis - the corridor, which, being practically in the middle, divides the space of each floor into two halves. The space is zoned using glass partitions.

Also, the arrangement of coffee points is subordinated to a single compositional idea: they are located one under the other (from the second to the fourth floors) along the red vertical line on the facade.

A separate VIP floor of the building - the fifth one - is intended for directors who manage the unit in Belgorod, as well as for shareholders who often come on business. Here, in addition to working areas and offices, there is a reception, a conference room and a wardrobe, as well as two coffee-points, one of which belongs to the VIP zone.

On each floor of the office are provided bathrooms and showers.

The building has a strict rectangular shape with a bright red accent on the facade, which the architects of ABD architects decided to support in the interior. Red - in the zone of coffee points, meeting rooms and cafes on the first floor penetrates deeper into the building and does not look like an accidental element, but part of the entire body of the building.

In addition to red, the corporate scale includes white and gray. The interior is built on combinations of these three colors, and black is added, creating an additional contrast. Light decoration - at the walls and ceilings, while the walls of the partitions, the floor in the reception areas and the ceilings in the corridors are black. Volumes with fire stairs and elevators are decorated with panels from treated plywood.
Dennis Kuvshinnikov,
Director of the Department of Interiors
For Miratorg in 2011, we designed an office in the very center of Moscow on Prechistenskaya embankment, so the re-appeal was especially valuable for us. In this project, we designed not only all architectural sections, but also all engineering systems, including the basic building systems.
Vladimir Ivanovich Prokhorov,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Miratorg-Belgorod
Clear zoning of premises, simple and clear navigation, modern external and internal design are the main characteristics of the new office of the holding. The new building has a number of innovations: special design solutions have been introduced, glass partitions have been installed, comfortable and soft waiting areas for negotiations have been organized. Together with the architects we tried to ensure that there were all the necessary conditions for quality work not only for our employees, but also created all the resources for fruitful work with our partners. The atmosphere itself, the special and unique atmosphere of this office reflects the fact that Miratorg's production is a very interesting and knowledge-intensive process, that competent, professional, creative people work here. We hope that the new building will be an adornment of our city.

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