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office interior
The office of company Nvidia


ADDRESS Moscow, BC "Dvintsev"



About Project

The American technological company NVIDIA, due to staff expansion, needed to increase their office. So, one more floor was added to the existing office in the same building - the “Dvintsev” business center.

The new floor should be different fr om other floors of the company, but at the same time be a continuation of the existing office. The new office uses the same materials, colors and furniture as on the other floors of the company, but design of the space has changed.

Office layout is an open space with meeting rooms and places for teamwork. The office has 7 meeting rooms for a different number of people, a coworking zone. There are also 4 telephone booths for several people. There is a hot desk for 3 people wh ere you can temporarily work in the coworking area. 

The colors of the office was taken from the company's brand book: it is combination of white, black and green. The architects also added a dark gray color.

In the entrance area relief graphite-colored gypsum panels in combination with bright green lighting were fixed on the wall. Architects placed lamps in corridor crosswise, emphasizing the ceiling.
Natalya Seroglazova,
Chief architect
An interesting challenge facing us was making a new part of the office, continues the existing one, but choosing more modern equipment and materials. A separate part of the work was devoted to the creation of a single concept for the design of walls of meeting rooms, using the themes of abstract digital space. The entrance corridor symbolizing inner space of processor, the “heart of the office”, it became the most creative part of the office. Unusual 3D panels and the energetic rhythm of the luminaires made it possible to turn a boring corridor into a dynamic picture, including deciding problem of acoustics.

Ирина Шеховцова,
Head of Communications of NVIDIA in Russia
Office NVIDIA occupies 3 floors in the business center "Dvintsev". Each of them is a visual reflection of evolution of the company: from gaming solutions to a computing platform for artificial intelligence. The new floor concept developed by ABD architects perfectly reflects the company's maturity and readiness for new tasks and new challenges. Laconism of open space is perfectly combined with comfort and adaptability of collaboration and meeting areas.

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