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MTS Office

Project Characteristics

TOTAL AREA 1537 m2

ADDRESS Moscow, Andropova Ave., 18, building 9, 13th floor



About Project

MTS has a young active team that strives to be the best and the first in the mobile communications and services market. Accordingly, the office space should meet their needs and the speed with which the company is working on projects.


The new office space is located on the floor that the company previously rented out. However, due to internal requests and changes, it was decided to include it in the main office system. Initially, it was assumed that there would be only one office for the head on the floor, although there are 4 departments and managers on the floor. The other three workplaces of the managers remained unallocated. They are located among other departments in the open space, which allows management to remain maximally involved in the workflow. The main number of workplaces in the office are not fixed, and there are special acoustic chairs with tables for individual work. Lockers are provided for storing personal belongings of employees, evenly distributed throughout the open workspace.

ABD architects proposed to divide the floor into 4 "squares", each of which corresponds to its department. The departments are highlighted using different colors of dividing screens and hanging lights above the work desks. The colors for the 4 clusters were chosen based on the concept and shades in the company's brand book, coordinated with the architect of MTS Dekart and the team that plans to create there.

In the upper part of the office plan there is an auditorium for presentations of products and projects. At the bottom there is a special zone, which consists of three parts: "computer class", an indoor lounge and a smart home zone designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the company's products in this area.

An important aspect in the design of a comfortable office, of course, was acoustic comfort. For open office spaces, the project provides dividing screens, acoustic carpet pads and upholstered chairs or areas with high acoustic backs. They allow you to reduce the noise level due to sound absorption. There are also many acoustic telephone booths installed in the office. They can be used both as quiet rooms for individual work, and as mini meeting rooms for 2-4 people.

In the meeting rooms, designer felt panels on the walls and acoustic curtains are used to minimize sound reflections from glass partitions and for acoustic comfort.


The lamps, which were designed by architects specifically for the new MTS office, highlight recreation and informal work areas. They are also the main lighting in the audience for presentations. The lamps consist of several long, flexible, luminous tubes and represent a three-dimensional aerial sculpture.

Natalia Tsivileva,
Chief architect of the project, ABD architects

Work on the new MTS office was fraught with certain difficulties. Prior to the design, the dismantling works of the interior of the previous tenants were not carried out. Therefore, some areas required clarifications already during the construction work.

However, despite this, together with the Client we created a comfortable modern office in which it is convenient, pleasant to work and develop.

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