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Zarenkov gallery

Project Characteristics

TOTAL AREA 1 228 m2



ADDRESS St. Petersburg, YES Marata Apart-hotel, 21 Sotsialisticheskaya str., Building, 10th floor

About Project

Zarenkov gallery is a modern gallery, a creative platform and a lounge area located in the YES Marata Apart-hotel in St. Petersburg. The total area of the gallery, including the terrace, is 1 228 sq.m. The design was made by ABD architects.

The art space acts as a point of attraction for artists, sculptors and other creative persons, being a platform for exhibitions, sale of paintings and auctions, as well as for creative meetings, conferences, presentations, master classes and other events.

When preparing visualizations at the design project stage, the architects tried to use different color schemes and settled on the current version for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are talking about the context and continuity of the environment in the form of picturesque rusty roofs of neighboring historical buildings, which are clearly visible from the gallery and, in a sense, turn its guests into accomplices in the play of the colors surrounding them. Secondly, the dualism of warm and cold is used as a metaphor for the interaction of opposites, whether it is ice and flame, warm light in the windows of houses in St. Petersburg and a piercing wind with rain outside. The union of these shades was also repelled when choosing the color of furniture upholstery, the tone of decorative plaster and other finishes.

The reception desk and the partition with the logo behind it were previously parts of a once-whole monolith. Now these are two separate elements from each other: the first element still has the ability to create by carving pieces out of itself, and the second has received function and completeness.

Locally used tinted glass and lamps with warm light in front of them. The light source is multiplied by reflections in the glass, just as the artist's thought is multiplied by the audience. The artist's thought is a light source, the painting is a glass reflector, the viewer's perception is a reflection of the source light.

Oleg Dmitriev,
Development Director, ABD architects
Work on the project began unusually. From the first publication by Vyacheslav Adamovich Zarenkov about the upcoming project in his social networks, I contacted him and offered to design this space. Several factors favored this: firstly, we have a wealth of experience in creating such spaces, and secondly, we are in the same building as the space of the future gallery. Also the ideology and approach to creation are very similar between us and the Vyacheslav Zarenkov Foundation.

We got to work fairly quickly and, thanks to the proximity of the site, the responsiveness and kindness of the Client, we were able to quickly move the project forward. From the beginning of the design work to the opening of the Gallery, a little more than 9 months have passed, and a wonderful space has been born. It is designed to unite people of creative professions and not indifferent to this sphere.

In this work, I would like to note the atmosphere of the project. During the whole project there was a complete feeling of a kind, friendly and extremely positive atmosphere. All participants of the project were maximally focused on the result and at the same time in the most positive and inviting environment.

It was a real pleasure to work with the team of this project and I hope that the future life of this space will be even brighter and more positive.

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